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Date News
09.06.2021 LTTT intensifies hydrogen research
31.03.2021 ZET-real laboratory Kick-off with LTTT participation
01.01.2021 New L3T/ZET staff member in the research group " Energy self-sufficient buildings"
01.09.2020 New L3T/ZET employee in the BayWiss College of Energy
01.09.2020 Kick-off for the BMWi project “LaGaMo” - Laser Ignition for effective and low-emission Combustion in Gas Engines
06.05.2020 Support of the LTTT team
16.03.2020 Renewable energy supply for rural areas based on the example of Africa
06.03.2020 LTTT at the Carnot Workshop in Biberach (Riß)
20.12.2019 Climate-friendly refrigerants in Hawaii
23.10.2019 Doctoral seminar 2019
10.10.2019 Participation of the LTTT at the ProcessNet doctoral seminar 2019 in Munich
12.09.2019 LTTT innovations presented in Athens
26.07.2019 Energy Technology Seminar - ZET Seminar series started successfully
25.07.2019 Energy Technology Excursion
10.07.2019 Participation of the ZET in the workshop "System integration of wind energy-water electrolysis for urban energy supply in the MW power range
17.06.2019 New research results to increase the efficiency of geothermal ORC power plants
28.03.2019 Start of a project cooperation between ZET and TenneT on sector coupling
20.03.2019 Participation of the LTTT at the ProcessNet annual meeting 2019 in Essen
14.03.2019 Knowledge transfer with ZET contribution at the Geothermal Alliance Bavaria (GAB)
14.03.2019 LTTT at the IRES 2019
11.02.2019 Delegation of OTH Amberg-Weiden and NTC Pilsen visiting LTTT/ZET