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LTTT intensifies hydrogen research

Bayreuth, 09.06.2021

The new coordinator for hydrogen research and technologies, Matthias Welzl, has started work. He joined the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics and Transport Processes (LTTT) of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Brüggemann at the beginning of June as an academic councillor and will coordinate hydrogen activities at the Center of Energy Technology (ZET). Mr Welzl already worked as a research assistant at the LTTT from 2016. He dealt with research questions from various topics in energy technology. One focus was on the use of new climate-friendly working fluids in the Organic Rankine Cycle.

Hydrogen – Energy Carrier of the Future

As the energy carrier of the future, hydrogen offers great potential for the efficient coupling of the electricity, heat, industry and transport sectors. In order to enable the transformation towards a sustainable hydrogen economy, research and innovation in numerous disciplines along the entire value chain are required. The University of Bayreuth is making a manifold and, in some areas, unique contribution in the various fields of hydrogen research and technologies.

Hydrogen Research and Technologies – Contact

"I am very pleased to strengthen the interconnection of the hydrogen research competences already developed over the years at the University of Bayreuth and to support their expansion. If you have any suggestions or requests regarding hydrogen in the future, please feel free to contact me directly," emphasises Mr Welzl.

The contact details can be found at: www.wasserstoff.uni-bayreuth.de/en/contact